G'MIC Gimp Plugin Favorites disabled

Have been using gimp gmic all day today, and then out of nowhere my favorites were missing from the GUI. I also noticed that the favorites buttons were greyed out as well.

Not aware of any other issues with my system. I also did not add or adjust any favorites today.

Here is the log file.

Would appreciate any help.

@akovia, could you please send us (or copy/paste) the content of your Fave file (file %APPDATA%/gmic/gmic_qt_faves.json, or ~/.config/gmic/gmic_qt_faves.json) ?

That was the clue I needed.

I was looking in the old gmic_faves file instead of gmic_qt_faves.json file.

When I looked in that file it was empty. I just restored it from the gmic_qt_faves.json.bak file and all is working again.

Still doesn’t explain why it apparently got corrupted, but all is right in the universe again for now. If it happens again I’ll report back here.


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mine dissapeared as well but I am able to add them occasionally and they might stay as favorites for a couple of sessions

That’s annoying. How many sessions does this last ?

Only a couple and I don’t turn it off either. Only put my pc to sleep now. Anyway I will find out for sure. Just saw there were none in it and I populated my list again. Will let you know when it goes again.
BTW I am not using the latest vs. the 2.9.3 pre # 201009

Odd, they are still there over a dozen sessions later. They have disappeared on me a couple times though. This time I also shut the computer down, shut Gimp down, opened new pictures etc and checked each time.