G'MIC GIMP plugin improvements

(Tobias) #1


I think the G’MIC GIMP plugin is a little bit unclean. That’s why I used Gimp to clean it a little bit up.

gmic_mockup.xcf (36.7 MB)

What I’ve done:

  • Removed the borders, they are just cluttering the interface
  • Moved the logos into an about button. (I know I can disable them in the preferences)
  • Moved the filter information into an extra button. This cleans ub the filter preferences.
  • Moved the preview type to the preview checkbox. This two preferences belong together.
  • Moved the About “filter” to the about button. Thin simply doesn’t belong into the filter list.
  • Changed the line color in the filter options. I’m not sure you can change this, or if this is a theam thing.

What do you think?


I agree that the interface needs improvement and thought of ideas similar to yours. For example, the borders, padding, links, colour and horizontal rules are inelegant, as is some of the layout.

I prefer the institution logos and filter authors to be visible since they contribute to the project. Author info generates a sense of community and allows for feedback to happen.

(G'MIC staff) #3

I’ve never paid attention to the borders (a proof they are not so visible :slight_smile: ). Maybe we can try to hide them and see what happens.

I prefer to have the logo visibles. They don’t take so much space and this is appreciated by the institutions to whom we belong.

The filter information is actually a part of the filter code itself. I doubt we can easily move it somewhere else without breaking the way filters are defined the way it is. It doesn’t worth it.

No, the preview type is really a parameter of a filter. Some filter do not have a preview type (and if it had one, it won’t make any sense, e.g. most filters in category Rendering/).

Actually, the About category defines a regular set of filters. It may happen we want to add some news in About/ , and we can currently do it through the filter update mechanism. I don’t like the idea of having About/ being something special, this would mean it becomes probably hard-coded in the plug-in binary, which is not good.

I don’t know. We can make some tests about this probably.

(G'MIC staff) #4

Sébastien has done some changes, and the interface will look like this in the next release:

Light theme:

Dark theme:

(Tobias) #5

That look nice, much leaner now.

It’s not about the space but the visual clutter. But I can understand, that you show your institutions.

I think you are right, it would need a change in the filters, perhaps something like: “@gui_info” instead of “@gui” and then extend the parser to show the info button if he finds something.


That may be right from a programmers view, but from the users view this are every thing else then a regular set of filters. They do nothing with my image.

If you like it or not, About/ is something special.

(Tobias) #6

And before I forget it, I really like your improvements with the in preview controls.


More space for logos, less for preview, and lesser for vertical image preview: progress ???

(G'MIC staff) #8

No, we just removed useless borders and changed colors.
The size of the logo has not been changed at all. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Much improved. I still think the horizontal rules are a bit distracting. Compare them with the border just above the Input / Output title. Regarding About: its location makes it easy to miss. I always forget it is there, so I do see the merit of @Tobias’ remark on it.

(paul matthijsse) #10

Is it easy to make a shortcut (a keyboard key, like “p”) for the Preview option? When it has focus it can be toggled on and off with the spacebar, but once one changes a slider, it looses that focus.

I always use G’mic nearly full screen with the filters and their sliders on the right side and to toggle the Preview checkbox on the far left side, is “a long journey” with the mouse…

(In the new interface it is positioned in the middle, which is already better for users like me working full screen).

(G'MIC staff) #11

@paulmatth, Sebastien has added a new shortcut CTRL+P to enable/disable the preview.
Should be available in the next release 2.3.2 (https://github.com/c-koi/gmic-qt/commit/f6e904d919633f0177fd0faa898ffcb636b51d4f)

(paul matthijsse) #12

Thanks to both of you, @David_Tschumperle and @sguyader/Sebastien !

(G'MIC staff) #13

Actually this time, this is not this Sébastien :slight_smile: (But thanks anyway @sguyader for your wonderful filters).