GMIC illustration on shallow DOF shots

I just acquired a full-frame Pentax K-1 to supplement my KP after having vowed for years never, ever to leave the APS-C form-factor! I thought of having it converted to full-spectrum to be used in IR shooting. However, after having used it for a few days, I’m starting to consider sending in the KP for the operation and keeping the K-1 as my visible-light camera.

To me there’s not much to choose from between the two IQ wise. Both are extremely good bodies which deliver excellent raw files just bursting with detail. I would certainly prefer the KP when shooting macro, when traveling lightweight just one or two multi-purpose lenses of average (but decent) quality - I tend to travel with the 16-85 and 55-300 to cover every possible eventuality.

I’m torn which of the two to have converted to IR full-spectrum. Initially I thought of the K-1 but after having handled it and test-driven it I slowly leaning towards the KP. With just two hot-mirror filters I’ll still be able to use it for visible light shooting when traveling and it will give me more UWA choice with a clip-in filter for IR. That would leave the K-1 as my main camera.

Still undecided…BUT:
I tried the K-1 out with an Irix 30mm/f1.4 wide open and ran the results through a scripted GMIC photo-illustration filter. For now, I couldn’t be happier as this filter seemingly lifts up quite a mundane shallow-DOF shot to a more arty feeling image. What do you think?