Gmic Morph effect idling?


i’m trying to use the gmic morph function, with a 4 layers image size 1900x900. I launch gmic from, on a windows 11 machine. It takes an extremely long time, which is ok if the algorithm is complicated, however what is surprising to me is that it uses no computer ressources. the cpu usage for the gmic process is at 0%, and i thought maybe it’s using another process, so i closed all my other application and my cpu usage is now 0% overall for my computer. Is there some kind of problem with the algorithm not using available ressources? Or maybe it’s simply that i don’t understand how it’s working?

Thank you in advance if you can help me understand what’s goign on :slight_smile:

It reminds me a bug report we had a few weeks ago. Have you tried updating your filters, this may fix your issue.

yeah, it solved the issue, thanks for taking the time to reply ^^

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