G'MIC OFX plugin not showing in Sony Vegas Pro 13

(Tobias Fleischer) #21

I can’t reproduce the mix-up here (3D elevation and truchet are what they supposed to be on my machine).
The changing of random parameters every frame/re-render is built into G’MIC, I can do nothing about that.
The “note” display is a problem with Vegas, removing them would break this feature in other hosts.
The undo also works fine here, please write the detailled steps to reproduce the error you mention.

As for your collaboration idea: The sources for the G’MIC OFX and AE plugins have always been up in the G’MIC addon repository (as required by the G’MIC license), and everyone can use/change them, but collaboration is hard because the build environment is difficult to set up and it is not really easy to understand what is going on with this complicated process. I can only do this in my limited spare time as well.

For film presets to work, please download this file
and place it in

(Tobias Fleischer) #24

New version, this time for AE and OFX:


Thanks for the plugin. There’s only one problem when installing it, it causes Vegas to not use any video, but that can be resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling Quicktime.

(Tobias Fleischer) #26

I don’t get what you are saying. This is just an external OpenFX plugin which Vegas can load, it does not know anything about Vegas as an application or any system configuration it can change. I assume it is some other effect or simply a Vegas quirk, nothing I can do about.

I also just posted another release, which is available in this thread from now on:


One of my friends can’t get G’MIC to work on AE CS6.

(Mica) #28

Isn’t CS6 years old?


It is for those who don’t buy into the subscription idea.

(Tobias Fleischer) #30

I tested with AE CS6, so I know that they will basically work. If your friend gets these messages, chances are high he has not placed the libcgmicstatic.dll in a location in the path (or that a different one exists somewhere in the path)


Most likely. He said that he didn’t put the dll in the right path.


I’m here again. I just realized that if After Effects can keep the effect frame parameters constant, maybe Vegas can?