G'mic plugin for GIMP on Mac not working

I would appreciate any help to get the G’mic plugin for GIMP working.

I receive the following message when I start GIMP;
“libX11.6.dylib” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

My System
Mac Catalina v10.15.4
GIMP 2.10.14
G’mic is in /Users/Me/Library/Application Support/GIMP/2.10/plug-ins

@KaRo or @Carmelo_DrRaw could help maybe ?

I have actually Catalina not installed.

Try to Start XQuartz by selecting it with Finder and right click open, not by double click. If than a gatekeeper message verifies the opening it might function with Gimp too. If the same message appears concerning libX11, try to reinstall XQuartz. I’ll see to try on a separate system with Catalina.

Ok, I have tried Gimp and g’mic under Catalina with a similar error.

I have Gimp 2.10.18 and the plugin 2.9.0 from @Carmelo_DrRaw. It is a build from Sep 2019 and the libX11 in that package is also not accepted by my Catalina.

You have to wait for an update of the gmic plugin from @Carmelo_DrRaw. I am not able to build such a package.

I am using MacPorts for gmic and Gimp with occasional local gmic updates using local git. From the beginning that is a bit cumbersome, still later on its relatively easy to follow the quick updates of @David_Tschumperle!

Still you can try the Gimp package from @partha including a rel. recent gmic plugin.

@KaRo @David_Tschumperle @Weeman the update of the GMIC plugin for macOS is on my todo list, I will try to look into it next week.

However, I am not sure to be able to provide a package compatible with Catalina, as I do not have an Apple Developer ID and I do not want to give them $100/year…

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Thank you @David_Tschumperle, @KaRo & @Carmelo_DrRaw for your prompt responses. I will investigate the GIMP package from @partha, otherwise I will wait for the next Mac package.

@David_Tschumperle, @Carmelo_DrRaw, @KaRo & @partha

I moved the gmic plugin files from the user folder to the system folder and it is now working.

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I am trying to get this plugin working on Catalina. Would you be able to just clarify exactly how and where to relocate the plugin files. Thank you.

Hi, the plugin prepared from @Carmelo_DrRaw is now fairly old (Sept. 19). My recommendation is either throw into the effort to install gmic and gmic-gimp with MacPorts or download McGimp from Partha. The first is cumbersome at the beginning, still it is later easy to build latest git builds. The latter is quite recent, Gimp 2.10.22 with gmic-qt from Oct. 9, don’t forget to move the /Application plugin folder line to first place!