G'MIC Posterize: number of colors

Is it possible (without unwanted impacts) to increase the maximum number of colours?
As you -maybe- have seen on Gimpchat. I use it as a step for creating artistic manipulations and sometimes the limit of 32 is low, for instance where starting with mountains/forests source images.

It should be easy to modify the GUI to allow more colors (but I swore not to touch anything :slight_smile: )

But if you’re in a hurry you can copy/paste the posterize command into a custom[local] command (or [global], [full] is slower) in the GUI. Then you can change parameter N°4 to whatever you need (64 colors here).
You can then add this to your favorites, it will keep the settings, you will only need to modify the values manually.

Thanks a lot.
Because I’m not in a hurry, I wait for David’s approval and std solution. I’m happy that you find the modification easy and without impact. Thanks again.

Just to say that it looks more like a limitation set in the gui definitions than the code itself.
There was probably a reason to limit it to 32 colors at the time.

Filter updates will be ready in a few minutes.

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Thanks a lot, David !

Immediately used, successfully!
see Outcomes created using filter OPUS VERMICULATUM VITREUM (2023) - Page 8 • GIMP Chat post#74
Thanks again, David.