gmic ( smooth skin)

Hello, I have a problem. The smooth skin plugin has stopped working. Gimp 2.10.34 and gmic 3.3.1. Can anyone help. I use it very often. here can I report a problem?

Here is the best place to report the problem.
Could you tell me what is going on with this filter. Do you have an error message ? If not, what does this filter do ? And what result would you expect ?
Anything that can help me reproducing the bug is good to know!

Hi, I have been using this filter for years. For smoothing the face. No error is displayed. Sliders do not respond. Set to max or minimum it is the same. Recently I updated the new gimp 2.10.34 and gmic 3.3.1

Hello eliza.

You are right, there were some recent changes that broke this filter.
It should be fixed with Fix 'split_details' when used with custom 'base/details' scales. · GreycLab/gmic@b51cd78 · GitHub

Could you try pressing the “Update FIlters” button and tell me if that fixes your issue?

I’ve updated the filters now and everything is fine. Thank you very much and I’m back to work.

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