GMIC & Stylise / Custom Style

I have 2 layers in Gimp. I would like to use one as the Custom style, but still I got the error in the Preview Warning: “At least two layers are required when specifying a custom style”, then "Error in ./fx_stylise/*if/*if …

I tried different combinations (bottom layer, top layer), but I get the feeling I missed a point here.

Hi @fransua,
I presume that you mean the Artistic/Stylize filter? Try this:

In The Gimp:
You have two layers, of which the top layer is selected.

In g’mic:
Select the Stylize filter
Under Input/Output
Input layers: Acticve and below
Output mode: New layer(s)

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

That was the trick : Input layers: Acticve and below
Thanks Claes

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