GMIC Update Errors

(Stampede) #1

Kubuntu 18.04
GIMP 2.10.4
GMIC 2.3.3

Anytime I open up the GMIC module from the Gimp, I get this error:

The update could not be achieved
because of the following errors:

Download timeout:
Error downloading

Is this something I should be concerned about. If so, what are the first steps I should take to fix it?

(Ken Moffat) #2

I think you should just retry using the button (bottom of the gmic panel next to the tickbox for Internet). On a fresh 2.3.3 install an hour or two ago, it worked. I can remember having a similar problem in the past, perhaps because I ran it in the early hours when the site was e.g. undergoing maintenance or backups.

Until you update for the first time you will not have all the available filters - that might not affect what you want to do, or it might prevent it.

(Stampede) #3

Cool. Just tried it. It popped up a message saying “no download was needed” so I guess I am good to go. Thanks!