G'MIC updating issues thread

This thread is for reporting any update issues, whether for the CLI or plugin. Please state your G’MIC version (and GIMP, etc., version, if applicable).

Current predicament of mine is that every time my PR goes through, the changes don’t show up after an update to the CLI and / or GUI. I generally wait 2 days to check but now I stopped caring and keep a copy of the up-to-date code in my user.gmic. However, that can be confusing because I might assume that it is already accessible to the public when it isn’t.

I’m not sure why is waiting 2 days at the min is a big deal. I get updates after a PR gets accepted in a day. There could be some sort of change logs to be placed so that I don’t have to make a thread on reddit.

I cannot retrieve an update for the code after the PR has been accepted. I then wait for 2 days before I report it. Maybe it is on my end. I usually check CLI and not so much GUI (for you, it might be the opposite), so I don’t know if both are being affected equally.

There is actually a script, running every hour, that is gathering all external contributions, and compile them to build the updateXXX.gmic file (which is then uploaded to the G’MIC website).
So, all newly added filters should be available at least after one hour.

Usually when I ask about it (2 days later), it updates properly shortly after. Maybe you did something on your end, or my system or location is the problem.

Checked again. afre_softlight doesn’t have its 3rd parameter yet, which means the accepted commit from 4 days ago isn’t in my update file at the moment of this comment.