Go to module in your favourite software

Do people have a favourite module, filter etc they go to after basic adjustments such as exposure, white balance. Currently I quite like the haze removal in darktable. In GIMP I always have a look at GMICs slide emulations, in particular the Polaroid ones.

Have to say darktable’s equalizer module. So useful - everything from removing noise to adding a little “pop” to low-contrast images.

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in RT it was contrast by details. Nowadays I do love all the LH, CH and HH curves in the Lab module and the Wavelet’s Residual and Final Touch tools.

In Gimp it is luminosiy masks and contrast masks, which aren’t modules per se but none the less go to…

It is still the Lab* curve!

Karl, thanks for the tip …
I’ve been fairly conservative in adjusting my photographs … mostly I just try to get them looking as they did to my eye, which is admittedly subjective. Shadows & Highlights, noise reduction as well as exposure and white balance have been my regular gotos. Equalizer now seems likely to be my first stop, except it’s a little slow without opencl.
Thanks a bunch!

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darktable →Basecurve → Exposure fusion

Followed by:

  • Exposure
  • Crop and Rotate
  • Denoise (Profiled)
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Raw controls and color management: they often make or break your vision.


crop and rotate,
colour zones,
tone curve,

You’re welcome, Martin. I’m usually pretty conservative too, but I’m starting to push my boundaries a little more (eg. https://plus.google.com/u/0/+KarlStevens/posts/hWYXTZJb1c5 - it didn’t look quite that spectacular in person.)

And (at least for me, as my video card isn’t terribly powerful) equalizer is slow even with opencl. :slight_smile:

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@Karl, that’s a very nice piece of art of the photographic variety … maybe

because the sensor in use (the human eye) is sometimes not as broad in dynamic range as we’d like?

To my observation, your finished product doesn’t look un-natural, but my brain tells me it has to have been post-processed. This does not need to detract from aesthetic appreciation of the artform. Thanks for sharing. :smile:

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@Ofnuts Even more rudimentary than my favs.

darktable… equaliser / clarity, auto denoise,
Rawtherapee… film emulation.
Gimp … levels, gmic

Not exactly a “module” in Filmulator since it’s not…modular, but Drama is my go-to, naturally.