Golden spiral and grid


(Tarun ) #1

Hi everyone,

Coming from Lightroom, I have always used the golden spiral for composition in my image and I also use a custom aspect ratio for my images i.e., 1:1.618. But it doesn’t look like Rawtherapee has the golden spiral in grid layouts. Neither can I enter a custom aspect ratio. Can somebody help me out with this please?

(Dan) #2

Under “Crop”, uncheck “Lock” and select “Current”. Manually enter an image rectangle 0,0,1618,1000 (Top, Left, Width, Height). Check “Lock”.

Now you can use the crop tool and it will be constrained to the 1.618:1 ratio.

16:10 is a predefined ratio and is pretty close, though. You could save yourself a few clicks.

(Tarun ) #3

Ok. Thank you for the help @dan. But what about the golden spiral and grid?

(Ingo Weyrich) #4

That’s not available. Though if someone wants to to code it, here’s a starting point: :wink: