Google+ is shutting down

(Morgan Hardwood) #1

Google announces that it is shutting down its Google+ network for consumers after seven years due to “very low usage” and a software error, first reported by The Wall Street Journal , that potentially exposed the data of 500,000 users. Google+ will fully shut down in August 2019.

Facebook comes preinstalled on many devices, it ruins image quality through re-compression and seems to operate through sharing of viral videos and third-party content, i.e. things which the posters did not create themselves. Google+ on the other hand retains excellent image quality and allows one to tap into a stream of creativity. It’s a pity to see it close shop.

What will take its place, where will the communities and creators migrate?


What a surprise. /s

(Flössie) #3

Without doubt to PIXLS. :grin:

(Karl) #4

What will take its place, where will the communities and creators migrate?

A bunch of people (including me) opened accounts on the diaspora instance, but it’s pretty lacking in features. (No post previews or editing, and no embedded URL previews.)

I’m still looking. G+ was my go-to social community.

Edit: and it looks like their mail system is misconfigured to boot. (Notifications come from an invalid domain, and thus get rejected.)

(Pat David) #5

This is unfortunate, in my opinion, for the same reasons @Morgan_Hardwood already mentioned.

I’m of the mind that any sort of “social network” should usually be considered as only an extension of something you can fully control (or share with like-minded people: or any Free Software project). In my view, the purpose of any social network should be to drive people to view/interact with your content on your own terms (or possibly theirs). Not as a digital serf to a corporate overlord.

Don’t like the image quality of FB, twitter, myspace? Why would you ask people to view your images on those networks already? Link it, if at all possible!

I try not to have any serious discussions/discourse with people on those networks as well. If it’s related to photo stuff I try to direct them here. It’s criminal to lock away possibly productive discourse behind a third-party paywall for the benefit of only those other people (fb).

I’ve got a stack of old AOL discs + CD’s that seem to be prognosticating something…

Please note, this doesn’t mean I am against using the networks in general (I’ve got a longer rant about this). I’m happy to at least try to reach others there and gently point them away to happier, healthier places. Once one “network” fails, I’ll happily migrate to the next and rinse+repeat (which just occured to me is an awesome sounding band name: Rinse+Repeat).

(Mica) #6

Why not something in the fediverse? Mastodon, pleorama, (soon) pixelfed, peer tube.


How many people could potentially loose their job at google over a “bug”. It seems like it’s so bad they can’t fix it so just axed it!?!



Reality of the corporate world. People lose their job because the company’s revenue or profit needs to be at a certain level. Always finding a reason or another to fire people. Forget relationships and actual contributions.

(Patrick Depoix) #10

The problem today is all social networks are all like Facebook or Twitter. I used Diaspora with Framasphere but it’s like Twitter!!! you can’t modified your post!!! and it havn’t collection or group of discussion…G+ was very usefull to charge one tread with a lot of complement; not possible on Diaspora and so …
No I can’t understand Google will abandonned G+ because it’isn’t like Facebook!

(Dario) #11

Some are using Reddit, other are moving to Pluspora, a modified Diaspora.
I don’t know. A social is just a tool, not the goal itself

(Nim Petro) #12

Google claims that Google+ currently has “less use and engagement”, and 90% of Google+ user sessions work for less than five seconds, but the company plans to keep this service alive for corporate customers.


Yes, that was a part of the official statement. Personally, I never used Google+. What turned me away was the company’s insistence in activating it for me. If they asked nicely and gave me a chance to opt-in, things might have been different. That and I don’t depend on online engagement for anything.

( and #14

Yes, there are a number of organizations, particularly non-profits, that use Google G Suite -

Lots of features but I’m not a fan from the admin side since their UI/UX is not all that good.

( and #15

I looked into several alternate platforms but didn’t see any that matched the features of G+.

On the other hand, this could be an opportunity to spend more time across existing social media accounts. Last year, I took a week off all social media - and it turned into 7 months. It was wonderful as it freed up a lot of time slices that really cut into my productivity.