Gradient and vignette Rrference widgets are visible even when disabled

ART 1.16.4 on Windows 11

A kinda minor cosmetic point I guess, but it can be a bit distracting.

If displayed, the circle widget in the Vignette Filter and the “reticle” widget in the Graduated Filter and Local Adjustments gradient area mask remain visible on the preview even if the module is turned off.

I realize pushing the button to display them should, well… display them! :slight_smile: But to my mind if the module of which they’re a part is disabled, they should be hidden regardless of their button state. More simply, disabling the module should implicitly “unpress” their button, since its inactive.

Am I missing something? Being too picky? :upside_down_face:


Well, maybe :slight_smile:
No, seriously, thanks for highlighting this. It’s the kind of glitch that I’m often not bothered enough to fix, but if more people get annoyed I might bump the priority.
(Patches are always welcome btw…)

Believe me, if I knew C++ … :slight_smile:

25 years ago I did some hobby-level C, but I never quite went anywhere with it. Still find C interesting (although I’ve forgotten 90% of what I allegedly knew), but I hit a wall with C++ and OOP in general. I know the arguments for it, but it just seems counter intuitive to me.


If it’s any consolation, I just tried the RT 5.9 rc and the same thing happens there, at least with the Vignetting module. So you inherited it honestly. :grin:



Thanks for the great job !

For what it’s worth I just noticed the same thing is true of manually-drawn control lines in the Perspective Correction module. They, too will remain visible even when the module is disabled if (they exist, of course and) the pencil button is pushed.