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Officially RT doesn’t have a local adjustment tool.

Or have it ? I will say yes it has - it’s the graduated Filter.
But it’s little used - and the RT team has choosen not to develop it any further.It really puzzle me.

Some may saying that we soon are coming with the local lab. That’s correct , but it’s not the same.

Lightroom has 3 kind of local adjustment - The Graduated Filter- The Radial Filter( equivalent to Local Lab - Elipse tool ) - and the Brush Tool.

In Lightroom you can do all of the basic adjustment within the Graduated Filter ( In addition Coloring + Brush +Range mask (Color mask + Luminosity mask)) :


In RT you can only use Exposure. And you can only use GF one time.
The good ting is that the Graduated Filter works very good as it is for now , It’s easy to use and the feathering works as it should.
Therefor I think it should be pretty easy to include some of the basic adjustment …

I’ve seen hundred of Lightroom tutorials of how the pro are working , and they use GF a lot…
Often they use it multiple times for each picture.

I add a picture edited in Lightroom. I only used the Auto in the first picture.
In the second I added a White Balance Graduated filter.

Thanks for reading this post :grinning:

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