Grain on G'MIC on Mac

(Alexandre) #1

Hi everybody,

I’ve dowloaded G’MIC for Mac (Gimp from and it seems like the Grain function don’t work; a error message appears:

*** Error in ./fx_emulate_grain/__fx_emulate_grain/*repeat/*local/syntexturize/*repeat/*local/ ***

What should I do?

P.S: There are a lot of topics on GMIC and I didn’t knew where I should write my message so that’s why I created a new topic…

(Mica) #2

Are you sure that all your filters are up-to-date?

(Alexandre) #3

Apparently, yes (I dowloaded the ‘’ Macgmic_2.2.1_macosx_64-HighSierra.dmg ‘’ one), which is the last one

(Mica) #4

In the GUI, there is a little button that is green with two arrows on it, it refreshes the filters. Click it

(Alexandre) #5

I refreshed the filters (although my button isn’t green but it’s a red cross on paper sheets) and still it don’t work :confused:


@heyYo Welcome to the forum! Works for me in GIMP and CLI. I don’t have macOS however and am using GIMP from, which is conveniently prepackaged with G’MIC. Maybe try Partha’s Mac builds :wink:.

(Karsten R) #7

hi, maybe try the git build and update the scripts! I am actually two weeks behind building the plugin. I hope to prepare 2.2.2 next week!

(Karsten R) #8

there is still a problem with Gimp from if the fft library is used from the plugin! No solution from my side, use either the outdated Gimp from GimponOSX or from Partha!

Error while adding G'MIC to GIMP 2.10 installed via Flatpak
(G'MIC staff) #9

Yes, this particular filter makes use of the Fast Fourier Transform, which requires the fftw library for images of arbitrary sizes. On Mac, apparently, linking with this lib is not easy/possible.

Will there be G'MIC 32 bit for GIMP 2.10 for Windows?
(Karsten R) #10

hi David, the problem seems to be library used in gimp from! I am using macport with the -L pointing to libraries in the Gimp app! That is a nasty hack, still I don’t know any other solution! (without building a Gimp app)