Grain on G'MIC on Mac

(Alexandre) #1

Hi everybody,

I’ve dowloaded G’MIC for Mac (Gimp from and it seems like the Grain function don’t work; a error message appears:

*** Error in ./fx_emulate_grain/__fx_emulate_grain/*repeat/*local/syntexturize/*repeat/*local/ ***

What should I do?

P.S: There are a lot of topics on GMIC and I didn’t knew where I should write my message so that’s why I created a new topic…

(Mica) #2

Are you sure that all your filters are up-to-date?

(Alexandre) #3

Apparently, yes (I dowloaded the ‘’ Macgmic_2.2.1_macosx_64-HighSierra.dmg ‘’ one), which is the last one

(Mica) #4

In the GUI, there is a little button that is green with two arrows on it, it refreshes the filters. Click it

(Alexandre) #5

I refreshed the filters (although my button isn’t green but it’s a red cross on paper sheets) and still it don’t work :confused:


@heyYo Welcome to the forum! Works for me in GIMP and CLI. I don’t have macOS however and am using GIMP from, which is conveniently prepackaged with G’MIC. Maybe try Partha’s Mac builds :wink:.

(Karsten R) #7

hi, maybe try the git build and update the scripts! I am actually two weeks behind building the plugin. I hope to prepare 2.2.2 next week!

(Karsten R) #8

there is still a problem with Gimp from if the fft library is used from the plugin! No solution from my side, use either the outdated Gimp from GimponOSX or from Partha!

(David Tschumperlé) #9

Yes, this particular filter makes use of the Fast Fourier Transform, which requires the fftw library for images of arbitrary sizes. On Mac, apparently, linking with this lib is not easy/possible.

(Karsten R) #10

hi David, the problem seems to be library used in gimp from! I am using macport with the -L pointing to libraries in the Gimp app! That is a nasty hack, still I don’t know any other solution! (without building a Gimp app)