Graphic, almost abstract

I call this one “the Eye”. It is the roof of the local shopping centre on a bright and clear day with blue skies. I’m shooting straight up into one of the circular lighting fixtures (and had to try multiple times to get the precise concentric ring effect).

I used a 16-85mm zoom at its widest setting which gave quite a bit of barrel distortion. Darktable’s Lensfun module corrected for that beautifully. I then used the geometric correction tool in Gimp to get everything straight and lined up with helplines to center the lighting fixture. GMIC for a slight photoillustration layer at 50% transparency over the original to accentuate the start forms and emphasize the colors.


The strong graphic nature of this image is great. And you’ve done a nice Jon reinforcing that with the processing. The background industrial stuff really let’s the eye wander around a bit more.

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