Graphics card recommendations for RT

How much power in the graphics card is needed for RT? I’m currently using a GTX 1050 which seems to work okay. However, are there advantages to using a more powerful one like a GTX 2060?

It doesn’t use the graphics card at all, only the CPU. I think that Darktable is the only open source raw processor that does use the GPU.

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I also don’t use a graphics card, only graphics on board and everything runs fine with RT.

Correct. @stuntflyer Get a good multi-core CPU and you’re flying :slight_smile:


Doesn’t use GPU. You can try changing to a faster demosaicing method like RCD.


My i7-8700 6 core 12 thread CPU should be more than good enough then. I usually use RCD- bilinear. A bit off topic perhaps, but is there anything I should know about the amount of ram best suited for RT? I have 16GB on my system.

RAM is always a good upgrade. 16 is fairly minimal. I always start with 32 and move up to more if I need.


Really good GPU is Radeon RX580, but it’s more use to you when in RIP than using RT. More CPU and RAM is what RT seems to benefit from on my machine - and fast system drive of course.

I’m on a 2009 Mac Pro 4,1 that thinks it’s a 5,1 running 12 cores and 96Gb RAM and SATA SSD and I don’t have to ‘wait’ for anything in RT.
But switching from a 4GB nVidea to an 8Gb RX580 made no difference to RT performance that I could see, which follows @Peter s and @paolod s statements. RT is not like Lightroom…

I could make the machine faster by switching to a PCIe SSD - but for me the cost out-weighs the benefit.

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