Great photos with older kit....and DT 3.0.1

I think some time ago Arek got his camera stolen. He picked up a second hand Olympus or maybe it was his Olympus that got stolen never the less… I think its got a 16MP 4/3 sensor. I think he stacks his images in DT and he is using or was recently DT v 3.0…

I find the shots lovely wrt composition and lighting and proof that in the hands of someone with skill you can get really nice results even with much older kit…


Thanks for posting. Great photos, I agree! Maybe we should start a thread for photos taken with ‘older’ gear. :slightly_smiling_face: I got a nice one with my Pentax K10D recently…

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I believe he still uses the old tone mapping tools … I just like the finished look he gets … it would be nice to see a few xmp files…

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@priort Sir! I humbly protest against your choice of words:
older kit? If my memory is not too rusty, his camera was
released in 2012.

That is just a mere 10 years ago. Hrmpf.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden
— who is very fond of semi-antique lenses —


M4/3 and Fuji 16MP sensors seem to be really good(at regular iso of course), even with their age… Very tempting to get a “beater” camera with one of them. Second hand with a few scratches must come at some really pleasing prices.

Now I didn’t say old… :slight_smile: just “older”

This little gadget looks interesting for anyone with a Sony camera and wanting to use old glass with autofocus… I haven’t read any reviews and sometimes these YTer’s upsell things but its looks neat

Since he is stull using DT 3.01 I asked him for some details out of curiosity… his reply…

Tripod is a must and some sharp glass. I’m using the most budget Olympus gear there is lol but the 12-42 R lens is pretty sharp even when compered to the Olympus Pro lenses BUT it has really ugly rendering of lights sources vs the Panasonic 8-18mm and Olympus 12-100mm I had.

The process is pretty easy but I’m on 3.0.1 Linux so an older version. These are my steps, I lived them in my last photo post I think. Repost from the last post

I took 5 2ev shots and I use wide area/matrix metering.

Then merge the 5 images. Now mind you I’m using 3.0.1 on Linux Mint.

Set the exposure usually 2-3 stops Olympus seems to need quite a bit my Nikon D5100 didn’t need anywhere as much exposure.

Tone Mapping

  • contrast compression down to 2 or 3

-special extent 6% or so

  • opacity down to 10-15%

Local Contrast

  • leave detail at default or up to 140%

Shadows and Highlights

  • stock settings but just watch for halos


  • stock settings to get more red/blue in the sky


  • play around with it

Contrast Equilizer

  • luma up the center abit just play around with it

Color Zones

  • Saturation edit by area crank up the red/yellow and sometime blue side to my liking

Then play around with Zone System and Tone Equalizer to bring exposure to some areas that might need it.

Sometimes I get some weird stuff happening on the screen with the image zoomed out especially with street lights. When exporting I use High Quality Resampling and seems to remove those oddities in the exported jpg.

I just tested out Hugin with merging the 5 shots and edited the EXR file and looked decent but there were some weird halos/ghosting in mountain outlines. Hugin does align the images bit Dt doesn’t. There not much you can do with wind like foliage or other moving things.

Todd, would it be possible to get a link for these photos somewhere else and not facebook? not everyone is on fb (I was actually writing “no one should be on fb”).

I’m curious about these photos since I have v.fond memories of my 2 years with olympus m4/3, even now after years of full frame goodness I still have clear in my memory the lightness of the kit (em-10 first, then em-1 mark I with the ultra lifht 25/1.8 and 45/1.8) but most importantly – the results!!

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Well he shared them on FB. I don’t know if its Kosher to repost them here that’s why I did the link… I can ask him if he has an account here and share the link to this thread maybe he will post??

Not sure about these specific photos but you can see his work if you google him you will get flickr instagram and he has his own website… arek halusko

On FB he is very nice and will respond and exchange so you might even be able to reach out and chat a bit about it if you contact him on his website. Seems like you might both share a common passion and experience… :slight_smile:

I’m not on FB either (and don’t like meta in general) but I was able to view the page. Must be public.

Edited to remove long grumble. Sorry! I think it was too early in the morning :pensive:

If it was one of the 4/3 sensors (NOT m4/3) i can understand why you would say ‘older kit’.

But i have a Sony a7 mark2 at home and a Olympus omd em-10 mark1, 16mp m4/3. And i often still prefer to use and walk around with the Olympus :).

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thanks Todd. Sorry for the rant on fb, obv not directed to any of you/us!!

I’ve had a look at Arek’s photos on the website – I like them a lot and also refreshing to see somebody not afraid of declaring cc licenses on his photos, as well as using fairly old tech!

@jorismak I also started m4/3 with the panasonic gf1, did my wedding >10 yrs ago then used it to capture a great trip to madagascar with my wife – using only the 17mm f2.8 and an adapted nikon 105mm! then after the d7000 era I went back to olympus and had the em10 and then the em-1, both second-hand, great cameras and soo small and portable!

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I actually have an EM-5 and more recently an early Sony Nex series camera. Both 16MP, but I seem to slightly prefer the output of the Sony. Talking raw of course, I don’t find the Olympus colours as pleasing without more tweaking in dt. I’m not really sure why that is. The Sony doesn’t feel very sturdy though, unlike the Oly which seems very solid.

When my favourite 135mm rolled out of the factory, we hadn’t yet been to the moon.

It’s not the gear that takes the images…
I happily use my older ep1 or em5 to take images…