Green cast on RT exports in Davinci Resolve

(Poul Jensen) #1

Windows 10, RT 5.5. I shoot timelapse and would like to process RAW files in RT before importing in Davinci Resolve (v. 15.2.1) for compiling videos. Unfortunately, files that have been through RT show up in Resolve with a strong green color cast. I’ve tried:

  • RAW files from a Nikon D600 and Sony A7s II
  • Different color profiles or embedding no color profile in RT
  • Different color profiles in Resolve project settings

Always the green cast. Additionally:

  • In other applications the exported images from RT look fine
  • Other images (e.g. out-of-camera JPGs) look fine in Resolve - only RT exports show the problem
  • If I process and save RT exports in other applications (GIMP, IrfanView) the resulting images still have the green cast in Resolve

The sample below shows the problem. Any idea what is causing this issue between RT and Resolve?

(Mica) #2

What color profile are you exporting from RT? What color profiles does Resolve support?

(Poul Jensen) #3

I’ve tried different output profiles from RT: No ICM, RTv2_Rec2020, RTv2_sRGB, RTv4_sRGB, sRGB.

In Resolve I’ve tried the default (Rec.709 Gamma 2.4) or matching the input profile to the RT output profile (Rec.2020, sRGB) or just “Bypass”.

Below are the default settings in Resolve and the input color spaces supported.