Green Leaves, or Magenta?

Hi all,
I took some test shots around my neighborhood to practice the filmic workflow. Also I wanted to see how well I could match the out-of-camera JPG. I have to say that I was able to get a better result than camera JPG. Now that I am scrutinizing, it’s obvious camera puts a cool tone on the scene, and does and boosts greens and reds substantially.
I attempted to emulate this just for the sake of trying and ran into a road block. When trying to create a parametric mask to select all of the green leaves, I noticed that darktable thought they were red or magenta (probably brown). This blows my mind since the leaves are obviously green on the screen and in real life. It also makes masking them difficult. Have any of you had experience with this issue?
Images attached.
Thanks for your help everyone!

Screenshot of a selection on a palm frond

Screenshot of a selection from a tree

OOC jpg

Raw files
P1060044.JPG.xmp (2.5 KB)
P1060044.RW2 (22.5 MB)

Final edit

First one you sampled a specific spot and likely got some color noise looking at it…

On the second one you have inverted the channel??

I just grabbed a small section of the palm …I couldn’t seem to find the matching spot you show in the jpg…

And I rotated hue to make them obviously not green…

and the mask…

This is no xmp as I didn’t save it… all I did was grab a bit of one of the palms…you can see the settings in parametric mask and rotated the hue by 180 degrees for effect…


You pushed CB a bit too hard the van is a good example…gamut is out of whack…

From your raw. in Raw Therapee and Gimp.
I didn’t see any red in the bushes. unless it was parts of the red brick wall, I can also see in your first screenshot on the window to the right there is alot of Red noise

Ah, I’m so sorry.
P1060047.RW2 (22.6 MB)
P1060047.RW2.xmp (985 Bytes)
I posted the raw for the image that came out well. Not the one with the green leaf issue.
Correct raw files attached now.

I found your spot…I just think maybe your small selection and likely color noise might have been your issue…as you can see the area where you selected has a ton of color noise and if your selection is small you will not get the nice green you are expecting…
No denoise

with color denoise


Interesting. I’m playing around with the denoise (profiled) module now. I have a lot of learning to do on this one.

Were you able to get the hz picker in a parametric mask to select those leaves? I haven’t been able to yet. The green from the awning is selected no problem. I may be able to select them some other parameter, just trying to see if there is an error in my technique or workflow which is causing the trouble.

Thanks so much for your help!

Opened in RT, mostly edited in Gimp

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There is a lot of black and grey in those leaves ie not much saturation and quite a bit of noise. You can try to select parts of it with the hue slider but it doesn’t give you a clean mask.

Rawfiners channel going back to his videos on version 2.6 are a masterclass on the denoising in DT.

He is the main author of the module…

Edit on a side note look at the hue map before and after color denoising…

You can see how you may have selected something “not” green…


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So If you hover over any parametric channel and hit the c key you can see how the image is mapped…you can see if you do that the hues of the leave are not really in a nice consistent range…

For greens in foliage and blues in skies I often find the quickest way and the best way is to use the color lookup table module…here I selected the 3 green patches and bumped saturation. You can tweak lightness too and tweak the color if you want using the a and b sliders…but quick tweaks on the green patches for foliage and the blue for skies can be a really easy way to adjust these…it is global and so sometimes there is spill over into area’s you might not want so then I just use a drawn mask to make regional edits…

Note your foliage and the building’s green flashing…

P1060047.RW2.xmp (5.3 KB)

You can also generate some nice impact on the sky and foliage using the colorfulness and brightness tabs in the color calibration module…I would do it in a new instance so that you can enable/disable it to see the effects or mask/use opacity if needed and then you will not affect the wb.

Some color modification of sky and foliage with masks. Definitely needs denoising.

Thanks all. My results below. Good learning experiment. Hope to apply the skills on some real shots soon. Still having a hard time wrapping my head around how trees have more magenta in the leaves than green! I suspect my older consumer grade camera has a lot of magenta noise, especially in the shadows. And the camera processor knows how to deal with that better than I do at the moment!