Green tint upon import of any image and none in the edit

Hey there,

I’ve been experiencing a green tint on images in Darktable since version 4.4.2. This would usually lead me to believe that it’s an issue of choosing the wrong color space for exports and edits.

However, I have tried many different working/export/global profiles and combinations and almost all of them show an obvious green tint on the images I want to edit. It’s not a display or config issue, because it’s worked wonderfully before, Photoshop also looks accurate and the exported image shows no green tint on any of my screens. Whereas Darktable does.

Even removing the program and all of its folders and reinstalling it cleanly doens’t help. Neither does disabling soft-proofing or the other “debug”-tools for editing.

Format also doesn’t matter and removing the automatically applied options yields the same symptom. At this point I’m not sure what I could have missed.

Please let me know, if you have an idea that could solve my issues. If you think I should go and report it as an issue, please do the same.

Example screenshot attached. You’ll find the Darktable display on the left and the exported image on the right.

So is your display icc in the color/out folder in the DT config folder and is that the same one the OS is using… I assume WIndows as you mention photoshop?? Just checking and of course that is what you have set in DT as the display profile… if you are just selecting system then you are trusting Windows and it can sometimes be less than straitforward to be sure software is correctly CM from the OS settings… Just checking…

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I’m using Darktable 4.6.0 on Windows 11.

The darktablerc file shows no variable for the export icc.


This is the profile I use with my main screen.


The issue persists across screens, HDR or not.

So you’re saying I should try and add the ICC profile name to the darktablerc file?

I’m not sure, if I interpreted your reply correctly, though, so let me know about that^^

No add it to the config file folder…you may need to add the “color” folder as a subfolder in the config file if it is not there and then down one level make a folder call “out” if you don’t have that (so \color\out). Then copy your icc to the folder and then select it in DT with the settings… right clicking on the icon down at the bottom…


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Hey, sorry for taking so long.

I didn’t even know you could right-click the soft-proofing icon for these options! I switched the display profile to sRGB and that seems to fit exactly, what I see in my (sRGB) export image.

I also tried adding my custom HDR profile, but that looks exactly the same, as the one that’s set by default, so Windows and Darktable do understand each other, in that regard.

I guess I got this fixed for now. Thank you for your help and Merry Christmas!

Let me know, if there is anything I may have ignored!

I think it’s going to be more of an issue as wider gamut monitors become the norm. You exported to sRGB and most monitors for some time have had roughly that gamut so they matched…

Yeah, it’s a complex issue. My screen supports 100% sRGB, 93% DCI-P and HDR400. That’s quite the in-between range of specs, but I’ve not had that same issue until recently.

That also means that the image and export should be even more 1:1, than on many lesser screens. But the issue is roughly the same on 4 different screens, all using varying levels dynamic range, different display technologies and 8-10bpc of color precision.

This should work for now, though.