Grey css themes for new UI on darktable 2.7 (dev), on with and the other without modules icons


Here it is, the grey css theme for the new UI integrated on master.
As seen with @aurelienpierre , I’ve worked on this theme and tested it with few users who makes some feedback.

The idea is to have an interface who reduce optic illusions that could add a dark or bright one about exposure. Having a grey theme as an alternative as the dark default one let the user choose.

For optic illusions about grey and shadows (so proximity of dark zones and the perception of colors), one of the best known experience is the checker shadows illusion from Adelson. See :

I’ve tried to propose the better compromise between reducing optic illusions, having a good contrast between elements of the interface, and having a good design. That was not so easy and had need some few hours to find that.


New interface in darktable 2.7 (dev)

Being adjacent to the on-off button diminishes that button. A separation between the module icon and the rest would be more pleasing and useful to me. E.g., see dt 2.6.



Maybe but that’s not the purpose of these theme as they only adapt on grey colours the new default UI. The new UI was on Github as a PR more than 3 months to discuss that or other things.
During these 3 months and more, keeping icons or not was discussed. The final decision was to remove them so by default the new UI doesn’t have these icons any more (many modules doesn’t have icons by now and these icons took place). But as some users want these icons, one of the main developers (@Pascal_Obry) made a CSS to let users who want these icons back.
The design of the new UI on darktable 2.7 (dev) couldn’t be compare to the old one as lot of things changed. And the position of icons couldn’t easily be adapted.

And as all changes, changes couldn’t make all users happy ! So it’s all about compromises.

See here for more info on the new UI : New interface in darktable 2.7 (dev)

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No worries: I have been following and participating in the said thread. Merely pointing out that the icons make even less sense when they are adjacent to the on-off switch.


Maybe. but here it would be necessary to modify gtk code not css. But I have no skills on coding (except HTML/CSS !) or gtk…

Apart of that, a PR for improve dialog window is on Github :