grey symbols vs. coloured symbols

I’m new here. And also new to Gimp (2.10.38, under windows 10). I’m 76 years old, and normally I talk German, but I understand a little English. My first problem: the symbols in the toolboxes are grey, it’s hard to distinguish them from the dark grey background. The 3 books I have show the symbols coloured, what looks nice and more clear to see.
I guess that I only have to add a littel hook or cross at a certain point to get the colours. But after three days of looking after it, I could’t find the point. The books also didn’t help.
Would anybody here please be so kind and help me along? Thank you.
wish you a good day.

Go to the preferences setting and select icon theme. I run legacy which is the original color symbols and is most likely the ones used in the books you have. Here is the German online manual

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hi Terry!
Thank you for the hint you gave me. I tried it and it worked great.
And thank you for the internet-adress of the German Gimp forum.
Have a nice day!

Zur Not kannst du hier auch auf Deutsch fragen, es sind einige Deutsche im Forum.