Grphics card -- Building a media-oriented linux box from components

(Colin Pittendrigh) #1

I’m gearing up to build a new Linux desktop box (my current box is over 10 years old).
I do three things:

  1. Web development and coding
  2. image editing with geeqie->rawtherapee->gimp (and other similar softwares)
  3. Video editing with kdenlive

In general a person wants the fastest CPU they can afford, lots of memory, an SSD boot drive and an appropriate video card well-supported by linux. I already have a 32" inch monitor and two 8 terabyte data drives. I need to buy everything else.

The video card is the part i know the least about. I’m not a gamer but I do edit images and I have big ambitions for video editing (about which I currently know little). Gimp 2.10 and Kdenlive are like cold molasses on my aging AMD somethingorother.

Does anybody have good advice about which video card brand and model to buy? Video cards range in price from $80 USA dollars to $3000. Video cards don’t effect cold molasses cpu performance I know. I just need to have a better idea about what to buy for a mid-range semi-hot-rod box for image and video editing.


Evenin’, @pittendrigh,

I had deep thoughts about that half a year ago. I settled
for a Ryzen 2700X CPU, a GTX 1050 gfx, and 16 gig RAM.
I am quite happy with this combination – but, mind you,
I am not working with video.

Today, GTX 1050 probably is considered weak :frowning:

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden