GTX 1050 Ti for Darktable and video playing

Hello to everybody.

I’m running and Intel i5 4690 with 8GB RAM, and integrated video card.
I received an offer for a used GTX 1050 Ti 4GB.
I basicallye have two needs:

  1. having a faster response in darktable when changing modules settings (I don’t really care for export time);
  2. being able to play the shiny 4k 10bit 4:2:2 videos from my camera without using 3 cores and a half without the fan spinning at insane speeds …

I wonder if any of you has any experience with this video card. I’ve been asked 100€ for it, and I feel it’s a bit pricey.

Do you have any advice?

Hello, @Dario,

I had a GTX 1050Ti before I bought my present gfx
(I bought a faster gfx). The 1050 worked just fine for
darktable and with openCL it was very fast.

EUR100 sounds a bit expensive for a that used gfx.
In Sweden, it presently costs EUR 133 new.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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Agreed it sounds expensive. At least in the UK, there are loads of ex-crypto-mining RX580 cards floating around for about the same money, and probably twice the performance (for DT in OpenCL). Quite power-hungry though.

Also, iirc, the Nvidia1050 was a bit disappointing compared to the 1060 (which shouldn’t be all that more expensive and seems to perform a lot better with darktable)

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Thanks to everybody.
@Claes @benp Indeed I’ve found it new at 140€, and this page on Phoronix confirms @rvietor remarks.
I think I’ll lump more money for a better card.

Thanks again

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Hi Dario,
I use this video card and I am fine with it.
i just now run a test with phoronix-test-suite and darktable from the master branch. This is the link:


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