GUI - 50% grey background (Win)?

How can I modify the image background in darkroom mode so that it’s 50% grey? Elle Stone mentioned that she changed the darktable.gtkrc file, but I can’t find it on the Windows version of dt.

Is something like themes or skins available for dt?

Look at C:\Program Files\darktable\share\darktable\darktable.css, is this good enough?


Duh, that was easy, thanks :slight_smile:

For anyone interested, I changed the colour in this line
@define-color darkroom_bg_color #333333
to #808080
That’s how I have my other processing apps set and now it’s good.

But a GUI switch in the settings would be nice, too. And when I’m at it – I’d really like to have white background when turning on the Softproofing feature. Who do I have to buy a beer for to get that in dt?