GUI for Siril Mac 0,9.12

I recently installed this version to find a total change to the GUI.
Version 0.9.11 has the typical OS X style GUI, with the menus at the top.
Version 0.9.12 seems to have implemented a GUI more like that of Windows.
It is less user friendly, especially since I/we Mac users are more familiar with that previous GUI interface.
Did I maybe install an incorrect version?
If this forum allows, here is a screen shot of the GUI for version 0.9.12 MAC.

No it is probably a bug of the bundle.
Anyway, in the future version all the GUI has changed.

Thank you lock042 for your reply.
For now I will use version 0.9.11, until I see the future versions.

Stay healthy and safe.


Not sure it is a good idea to use an old version just for GUI.
Also future siril does not use menubar.

Of course I appreciate the wonderful work all of you are doing, to provide this amazing, free app.
It is my first go-to app for post processing.

All my work is done on or by Mac computers, so I prefer that simple interface, that I have been used to.

I regret not being knowledgeable of programming and coding, otherwise I could contribute the Mac alternative interfaces.

Thanks again.