HaldClut reading (use of processor on Windows 7)

If have many HaldCluts Rawtherapee is loading more slowly. And when to choose shot for editing, Editor is start on slowly to and this effect repeat when I want work with Color section. At a choice Color section system to use one of four processors (only in this time with this operation). If to delete or to have some numbers HaldCluts - Rawtherapee start very fast and work without problem. May be You know what the probleb. System: 4 cores processor, 8 Gb RAM, SSD (not full), Windows 7.
(English is not my native language, sorry for mistakes :wink:

This is because RT reads the HaldCLUT folder on start up. If you have a massive number of cluts, reduce the number to regain the speed.

And maybe place those HaldCluts in a good SSD hard drive connected to a SATA3 port (or even a NVMe port if you have it)?