Happy Fourth Anniversary to Mica!

One night sitting at my dining room table many years ago I started hacking on a new website that I was hoping to use as a way to bring together photographers + Free Software. At the time starting a project like this you sort of just hope that maybe a couple of other people might like the idea also and be willing to help out. (Especially if the idea and code is Free). You just sort of put it out there and hope to get some interest.

One of the first people (besides the nutjob @darix) to join me and help out from very early on was @paperdigits. Little would I realize just how important his support and interest have been to both myself and the community. He’s ready to jump in and help (and indeed has been an integral part of just about all of my web work and planning for almost five years) almost all the time.

He has been incredibly gracious with both his time and expertise.

We just noticed that he has been on the site here for four years now! Please join me in wishing him a happy anniversary on the site and thanking him for all of his tireless work (often behind the scenes) and care for the community. Much of this would not have been possible without him and I am truly indebted to his generosity.

Happy Anniversary dood! :birthday: :cake: :confetti_ball: :fireworks:

Here’s to another four years of happy hacking and spreading the good word (and more dim sum)!


@paperdigits, happy anniversary! Apart from your technical contributions, you are always one of the first people who answer questions regarding different applications. I really appreciate all your efforts and dedication.

Thank you @patdavid, @paperdigits, @darix for creating such a fantastic community. I have learned a lot from this community in the past 2 years.


what msd said!

Happy Anniversary, @paperdigits, and thank you so much for your fantastic work!

without using too many words – what msd said! thanks everyone!


I don’t see the invitation to the party… but congratulations!!! :joy:

Thanks everyone! Its been a pleasure to be here and I’ve learnt a lot!

I have a bunch of work to share sometime in the near future :slight_smile:


Goes without saying that you all are awesome, esp. @paperdigits.

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Thank-you, “Mama-Mica” for spending a good part of the past 4 years in trying to make sure that everybody always plays nicely together!

@paperdigits, thank you very much for your help and contributions. In the two years since I’ve been here I’ve come to appreciate your input a lot! :birthday: