Happy National Popcorn Day

Link to texture: Popcorn by lylejk on DeviantArt



Great picture! Unfortunately I am in Germany, no Popcorn Day here :sob: .

I worked in a movie theater for 3 years and a video rental store for another 2.5. I can not eat popcorn anymore! :smile:

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Time to make some popcorn out of expired kernels…

BTW How does everyone flavour their popcorn?

Time to take this day international, Thomas. lol

Yea; if all I ate was popcord for 5 or more years, I would get sick of it too, PD.

I like my popcorn well buttered and salted, afre; if I can find some cheese powder, I would substitute it for the salt. :slight_smile:

I had so much popcorn that my throat is sore right now. :sweat_smile: Just plain and fresh today. :popcorn: