happy user needs dng tweaking

Greetings from a longtime rawtherapee user, new to the forum…
First, let me say thank you for such a great and powerful program!

I have a little problem with DNG files, however.

I use magic lantern to do RAW video, and after converting the MLV files to DNGs, I find that the dimensions are not correct when loading into rawtherapee (RT).

I’ve tried it with a few different utilities to do the MLV conversion, and I’ve tried a few different versions of RT, including the latest development version. The result is always the same. X and Y dimensions are both reduced by 8.

I’m running win7-64 with 8GB RAM.

Here’s a link to an example image. It loads with the correct dimensions in darktable and other applications, but I prefer RT!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and help.


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What are you using to do the conversion to DNG?

Raw2cdng is my first choice, but I’ve tried other options for testing, most
recently mlvproducer. There are a few different applications commonly used
by the magic lantern community.

If you load the example image into RT and look at the exif tab, you can see
the dng version has an X beside it.

I forgot to mention this in the original post.


Thanks for the info.
I gather by the “low priority” assignment of two years ago that this may not be resolved anytime soon.
Too bad. I really love the power of RT and would like to harness it for my raw video work!

Is it possible to set different (bigger) dimensions in ML for video?

Yes, it’s almost arbitrary, in fact.

Your query inspired me to do a comparison of the same image loaded into
various editors, and I now see that RT is indeed merely cropping the image.
There’s no degradation, merely truncation.

Therefore, yes, I can simply increase the recording dimensions to
compensate for the issue.

At least it’s a workaround. Luckily I am looking at this issue before
filming begins.

Thanks for the responses, everyone!

Fingers crossed that this issue does get resolved sooner than later!

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I haven’t used ML in a very long time. Another workaround may be to use cropmarks.

Full output from raw size would mean worse interpolation at the 4px borders.

Good idea. I’ll check to see if it works well for raw video capture.