hard time to save my project

hi, I was suggested to report here the following thing on the natron discord channel.
i’m using a roto to isolate a character from a scene.
Therefore the natron project file is about 16Mo.
when trying to save, it takes at least 1 min or more to save.
I’m facing the fact that when clicking save, or save as, save as new version, or even trying to save by closing the project, it doesn’t ‘want’ to save.
I suspect the autosave feature (as the file takes time to save), to prevent me to save ‘by hand’.
So at the moment I’m just testing with a new autosave delay (it was 5 mins, I finally fixed it to 12 mins)

One day passed (with autosave -> 12mins) , and the pb persists.
The saving feature is pretty random.
Anyway, with persistance, I always succeed to save the file, but sometimes, it is about 5 or 10 even 15 tries.


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Maybe an interesting thing is, by chance, I identified I could save, immediately after having seen a ‘myproject.autosav’ while regulary trying a 'save as…, '.
It comfort me to think there is a kind of conflict here…

…And a third post to confirm that when an autosave file is appearing in the project’s folder, saving works, otherwise not. (the file is about 50Mo now)

So it’s one case in among of many others, where saving my projects work pretty normally.

To avoid getting such a large project, I would do the roto work in a separate project, and render the roto masks as images.

Thanks for the tip Frédéric, will do that in the future.
nevertheless, my project is very simple, image sequence in 720x306 jpg. (142 frames)
it is the roto that takes that amount of memory.
the project without roto is less than a 1Mo file size

You can also split the current project in several pieces. That will help you a lot.