Has anyone tried Upscayl (open source AI image upscaler)?

I stumbled across an app called Upscayl in the comments section of an article comparing different upscaling apps. It says it need a dedicated graphics card to function, so I haven’t tried it out, but I am curious to know if anyone else here has.

@patdavid if it is worthwhile, maybe we could invite the team to pixls.us?


These are some threads worth looking into, which also contain info about other upscalers and esrgan models:

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I did a search in the forum and nothing showed up. Maybe I spelled it wrong :roll_eyes:

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When searching, remember to click on all topics and posts, press Enter or click on the tag.


I tried Upscayl before, but the upscaling process took too long, prompting me to give it up. I suspect it’s because my graphics card is outdated. :sweat_smile:
Topaz and AVClabs are also too advanced for my computer, resulting in frequent crashes.
After trying the top AI image upscalers, I found that VideoProc Converter AI is suitable for me. It’s affordable, has lower system requirements, and supports batch upscaling. The upscaling results are also good; most of the time, I only upscale images to 4K or 8K.

Sadly it is not open source and also seems to be aimed at video.


Yeah, it’s not open source, but it’s affordable compared to other AI upscalers. I snagged a lifetime license on Black Friday, and it can upscale images right through the Super Resolution . :rofl:

Glad its working for you, but this forum focuses exclusive on open source. If it isn’t open source, it isn’t of much interest here. :smiley:

Been using it a lot over the past few months. Folk say there’s better AI models than ones used by UpScayl, but UpScayl’s very convenient (not to mention free). lol


You are right :smile:

I tried it out of curiosity after meeting it here for the first time. On macOS 24 M1 Sonoma 14.2.1 works great