Has anyone used Arsenal 2?

Has anyone tried using Arsenal 2, the AI-powered adapter that sits on top of your camera and does additional processing on your RAW file? In many ways, something like this seems like the opposite of darktable, where you aren’t really in control of developing your own photos. However, I could see it being useful as a learning tool to see what is possible with your shots (similar to play raw). I could also see it being useful for focus stacking as it would automate that process quite a bit.

I feel like the original was panned as a gadget… this guy still is not impressed FWIW…

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FStoppers seems to find it interesting but isn’t sure who exactly would find it useful.

Fun review! I can’t imagine what the point of this device is if you have a camera made in the last decade or so

So would every Arsenal user’s photos look basically like every other Arsenal users’ photos? At least, per ‘style’ (or subject matter)? Kinda looks that way to me.