Having problem applying Drop Shadow on text layer

I am using GIMP 2.10.24 in Windows 11. As you can see from the attached photo, I am using 2 layers for the two photos. The text are each on their own layers. Because I didn’t want the kitchen showing, I cut out that area with the Free Select Tool. The two photos are behind the two text layers.

I am trying to apply Drop Shadows to the text and for some reason, I can only get a partial shadow or none. I had to place each text in the uper left corner and try to avoid the image of my sitting in the recliner.

Clearly I must be doing something wrong. Here’s the working file that I’m using to create my thumbnails. I’d appreciate learning what I’m doing wrong. I didn’t have this problem, before. Then again, I didn’t use the free select tool like this, before.

YouTube Thumbnail.xcf (38.4 MB)

As a starter, using your .xcf file, you have an active selection. Those ‘marching ants’ around your chair and background. Turn the selection off before applying the drop shadow. Select > None

No ‘marching ants’ showing ? Check that View > Show Selection is toggled on.

Yes, the “marching ants” are on. How do I turn off the selection?

Found it!! :slight_smile: It was in the dropdown menu when I had the mouse near the ants.

Oh-well…For the next time as previous post Select > None

:rofl: I might have known! Thanks for telling me for the next time. I’ll keep this site in mind, for later.