Haze removal, another use

(Olaf Berthelsen) #1

Look at this owl. The “haze” is caused by the camera being placed very close to the grid of the aviary, but the new module “Haze removal” does a wonderful job removing the grid.

Another option is to use “Local Contrast” but the result is not so convincing.

(Andrew) #2

Foliage Removal tool would be good here…

(Olaf Berthelsen) #3

But “Foliage Removal” doesn’t exist in RT or in Darktable for that matter. Does it?

(Andrew) #4

Er… no :slightly_smiling_face:


I have also used the haze removal tool to add contrast to a washed out looking image. It was backlit and taken with a vintage lens without any fancy coatings.

So yes, haze removal is useful for many types of images that could use more contrast and/or saturation.

(Ingo Weyrich) #6

That’s already available, but doesn’t work on conifers unfortunately. It’s called autumn.


Might not have the patience…