Head in the Clouds [PlayRaw too]


(Morgin) #21

Very lovely image! I did some color toning and “corrections” in DT then took it into GIMP to accentuate the light.

XMP: IMG_3370_uvnVyWP.CR2.xmp (6.8 KB)

(Sebastien Guyader) #22

I love this image. Almost anything can be done on it, it always looks great!

In RT: IMG_3370_uvnVyWP.CR2.pp3 (10.1 KB)

(Chtrtm) #23

Darktable only

(Lephotographelibre) #24

My work using Darktable

(Mica) #25

Participants in play raw are highly encouraged to share the XMP, PP3, or other metadata/settings file used to obtain the output! :slight_smile:

(Thomas) #26

Done :slight_smile:


Raw dcraw: 2 outputs (raw, interpolated)
Play G’MIC: Mask (midtones), Blend (2 gammas), Smoothing (guided by raw), etc.
· Imagemagick: Color morphing (GIF; for @heckflosse :stuck_out_tongue:)


We tend to have fond memories of our outdoor adventures, whether or not we had a good time during the trip, due to the presence of family and friends and being away from home just long enough not to miss it. Our visual memory is also romanticized: the scene is sharp, vibrant, pleasing, inviting and engaging. Our JPEGs and RAWs may disappoint us: What is wrong with this camera! That isn’t how I remembered it! Must PlayRaw! With this in mind, I have made a GIF representing what the camera sees vs what we want the memories to be. Head in the Clouds indeed. —@afre


@afre: Is the dark one just linear gamma reinterpreted as sRGB?


Sorry—it is not quite raw; interpolated with the -4 option, but since resizing the raw would remove the bayer pattern anyway, I figured it would be okay to debayer and provide a hint of color. If you think it would be better with the raw or if I changed the description, I could do that. Hope you like the effect. I tend to try different things with each PlayRaw, using them as a learning experience.

(Andrea Volpato) #30

Here my try developed with darktable. @CarVac really nice image!

IMG_3370_uvnVyWP_01.CR2.xmp (7.4 KB)


for me, the best one is…

the original !!!


Just took the wunder spot 4 nother spin :gorilla: I challenged myself to achieve bigger a separation ( MC and also definition) among the elements while trying to preserve the qualities of light with an overall faded ( end of the trip) feel. Bad news is didn’t use FOSS =( Some luminosity masks with blending modes, gaussian fairy farts, grain tears and me own portra scratching did the trick, no dodge and burn nor localized gradients of any sort (except for the slightlyest tiny vignettttte). Cheers


Late entry.
RT and Gimp, trying some local enhancement to change the focus somewhat.

(Karlheinz Lehmann) #34

Well, here is my version. WB set to cloud y and some curves. Thank you @CarVac for this nice shot.

IMG_3370_uvnVyWP.jpg.out.pp3 (13.1 KB)

(Antorris) #35

Here is my shot at it. I used Darktable.

IMG_3370_uvnVyWP.CR2.xmp (7.9 KB)


Hey @CarVac , I know I’m a bit late to the party but your photo is so nice I could not resist having a go at it in photoflow…