Head in the Clouds [PlayRaw too]

I just got back from a camping trip, my first real outing with my new Contax 21mm lens, and I managed to nab a wonderful photo.

It was a horribly hot and humid trip, what with hiking in the clouds, but to add insult to injury I got this shot a few hundred feet from the car at the very end of the trip.

I took the shot at ISO 400 just in case of hand shake, because lighting conditions were changing rapidly and I wanted to make absolutely sure that every shot would be sharp enough.

I did my editing with Filmulator: CA correction on, highlight recovery 3, 100 drama, 0.2867 white point, and 179 shadows, a fairly normal (if slightly heavy-handed, to compensate for the highlight recovery reducing the values) processing.


@CarVac the colors, mood and depth are lovely! Good job processing. And saying that makes me want to try my own hand at developing it - do you have a raw image you could share? If not that exact one then perhaps one of the same scene but a worse composition?

IMG_3370_uvnVyWP.CR2 (14.0 MB)

https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ (how do you do the little logo thing?)

morgan.jpg.out.pp3 (10.7 KB)


Gorgeous picture!! Merci @CarVac for allowing us access to the raw.

In some occasions the raw itself it is so outrageously beautiful that I feel like doing nothing. Yet, paraphrasing master Morgan

And saying that makes me want to try my own hand at developing it

So pressed a 32b slippery squid with Raw Photo Processor and then mixed it with a couple homebrew LUTios. Case anyone is collecting garbage, I exported the resulting mixed LUT , the name is simple jorgito-musg3-sepiante is a son of Mark-41-musg3 and mario-sepiante-v2, a modern and fucking dysfunctional 3 dudes family =)

jorgito_musg3_sepiante.CUBE.zip (376.3 KB)


This is a lovely photo which makes one feel that getting a bad result is just not possible.

Here is a more dreamy take:
morgan3.jpg.out.pp3 (11.5 KB)


IMG_3370_uvnVyWP.CR2.xmp (6.7 KB)

I hope you enjoy my hipster split tone take on this!


Underwater fantasy?
IMG_3370_uvnVyWP-RawConvert-S2.jpg.out.pp3 (10.4 KB)

Not sure how this’ll play, worked on my uncalibrated tablet. I wanted to make it light and airy, so I avoided pulling down the shadows at the expense of lower contrast.

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@CarVac Thanks for sharing: I like the result! I don’t think I will be able to top it :partly_sunny:. I am also curious as to why there is this interesting suffix _uvnVyWP attached to your filename.

Awesome pic, thanks @CarVac!
There isn’t really much to do, I mostly tweaked the white balance to make it a bit cooler.

IMG_3370_uvnVyWP.CR2.pp3 (10.3 KB)


Darktable (2.3.0): IMG_3370_uvnVyWP.CR2.xmp (4.0 KB)

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I have two Canon cameras with the same filename scheme. To prevent filename collisions from the cameras producing the same filenames on the same day, I have Filmulator append a base 62 portion of a hash of the file contents when importing to ensure that this never happens.

It wasn’t necessary on this trip since I only brought one camera, but I leave it on just in case.

Anti-vignette, Ektachrome film simulation, wavelet chroma, final local contrast, more red in the white balance in Rawtherapee.

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Worth framing! First increased the fogginess using RT and then selectively sharpened the foreground rock in GIMP.
IMG_3370_uvnVyWP.jpg.out.pp3 (11.8 KB)


My first attempt on this great shot, thanks @CarVac for sharing it!

My editing steps in a nutshell:

  • cloudy WB preset
  • a bit of shadow recovery with the shadows/highlights module
  • gamma adjustment to bring up the mid-tones
  • increased saturation
  • gave a slight yellow tint to the brightest highlights
  • several local curves to emphasise the light and darken the image borders
  • unsharp mask to finish

All done with PhotoFlow in Lab colorspace:

IMG_3370_uvnVyWP-phf.jpg.pfi (56.9 KB)


Very nice image, congrats

RawTherapee .pp3
IMG_3370_uvnVyWP.jpg.out.pp3 (12.1 KB)

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Rawtherapee 5.1 & GIMP 2.8.22

Same RT processing as my previous attempt but different GIMP processing to give it an enchanted forest look.


Here is my try.

Edit: Darktable only
IMG_3370_uvnVyWP.CR2.xmp (6.2 KB)