Heads up: v.2.0.4.zip archive (Win64bit for Gimp) = "v.2.0.5_pre"?

(Ben) #1

Hi guys. Downloaded the v.2.0.4.zip archives (Win64bit for Gimp). Extracted it. Opened Gimp
and it turned out it was v.2.0.5_pre.

(David Tschumperlé) #2

Yes, 2.0.5_pre was a development version stable enough to be released as the default on the G’MIC website.
I’ve started working on next major version 2.1.0_pre and abandonned 2.0.5. But this still works and a few bugs are fixed compared to current stable 2.0.4

(Ben) #3

Thanx! it works! :smile: