Heal selection not working

Hello guys,

My gimp version was 2.10.34, my system has python3 installed already. Even if I place the heal selection python and executable files in the plug ins it’s not working for me. My system is running on Ubuntu. Python Fu is not even showing up for me under filters

This is the usual problem. Gimp 2.10 wants Python 2.7 and since it’s EOL since 2020, recent distro no longer install it by default (still available in the repos), but they also remove the Python support for Gimp (package gimp-python).

There are several ways to reinstate Python support, depending on distro. The more sure-fire method is to install the flatpak version of Gimp (from Gimp’s own download site). There are additional flatpak packages for the more popular Gimp add-ons (such as resynthesize).