Heightmap filter?


(Eon Fire) #1

Is there a filter which let’s you make a height map out of you black and white drawing ?

Heightmap needs to have smooth gradient between B & W.

(David Tschumperlé) #2

I’m not sure what you mean by a heightmap.
Could you provide some kind of expected results from an input, to see if this is possible ?

(Eon Fire) #3

For example this would be the expected results. There are white and black areas with soft gradient between.

(David Tschumperlé) #4

That looks a bit like what some filters in the Rendering/ section can do (e.g. Plasma).

(Morgan Hardwood) #5

@Eon_Fire you showed an “after” but not a “before”.

(Eon Fire) #6

I don’t know how to do before.

(Morgan Hardwood) #7

If I understood you correctly, it looks like you showed two resulting heightmaps, but not the drawings they came from.

(David Tschumperlé) #8

I guess because there are no inputs at all. The OP wants a filter to render something like this from scratch.

(Eon Fire) #9

I have made outline with airbrush but there are hard edges between B&W. I tried with the Plasma pattern but when I desaturate it doesn’t look like organical as heightmap shown.
Is it possible to use some filter to create that soft tones between white and black colors to look more natural as heightmap ?

(Eon Fire) #10

I don’t know how they came to be.


Please check if it is gaussian blur what you are searching for. Use a large radius such as 50 or more.

(Glenn Butcher) #12

I think a little more description is needed. In virtual reality environments like Second Life, a heightmap is used to make the 3d terrain. It’s a grayscale one-channel image where each pixel value represents an altitude. In the scene render, a plane geometry is deformed according to the heightmap, and then another image is draped over the deformed plane to give it color and texture.

Here’s a heightmap:

and a terrain texture:

Go here to see them in use. Just click through the user and password, click-drag the mouse to look around, use the arrow keys to walk about: