Hello World!


Hello World!

Let's see if I can get this thing off the ground...

Well, technically this isn’t the first post on the site. I had actually started with building out the temporary Coming Soon page. Then I shifted focus on styling the main content page for the site (articles). After a bit I realized that I should probably be working on some sort of blog posts as a means for folks to keep up with what I’m doing.

So, here we are!

Who Am I?

I’m Pat David.

![Pat David Headshot](upload://2tdFgxtomK75EZag8Id5d3v7Jlg.jpeg)

Yes, I need a new headshot.

I’m an occasional photographer and I dabble in digital artwork occasionally as the mood strikes me. I also happen to be a fan of free software. Those two worlds collide fairly often, and lately I’ve been having a great time writing about them.

I’ve been writing tutorials on my blog as well as trying to modernize/update tutorials on the GIMP website. You could call me a (small) part of the GIMP team (but I’m trying to do more!). I also try to help out where I can on other F/OSS projects as well (G’MIC is another place you’ll find me bumming around). I do these things because I think it’s important to try and give back to the community in whatever way you’re capable of.

I’m loud. So I figured I could use that capability to help out.

(It’s my demented super-power).

So What’s Going on Here?

Well, I mentioned on the main page that I felt like we could use a site/community dedicated to photography. Particularly Free/Open Source Software and photography.

The problem I noticed is a lack of sites that focus explicitly on photography and workflows using F/OSS tools. There are plenty of blog posts on various sites, forum posts on various boards, and the occasional group on social media. There is not a great website to act as a portal specifically for photographic needs or interests.

It’s my sincere desire that I can build it.

I actually find it strange to write that. How does this not exist already?!

Is It Ready Yet?

No. Not quite.

I’m building this entire site from scratch, so it’s taking a little bit of time. I only just got the blog portion finished, so hopefully that much is done.

I’ve also mostly finished what the main articles will look like. I’m in the process of porting over some of my tutorials from my blog to here so that I can have some content to test things out with. I enjoy doing this sort of thing, so it’s a nice way to relax for me.

After that I’ll just need to get a couple of other pages setup, and I should at least have the skeleton of the site up and running. I promise, as soon as I have something to actually launch I will be loud and annoying about it.

Can I Help?

That’s the spirit!

Yes, absolutely. Just shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to answer any questions I can. If there’s some particular skill you’d like to bring, I’m all ears. If you want to write an article or tutorial, let me know.

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I just realized we missed our 2nd birthday! :fearful:

Happy Birthday! :smile: :birthday:


I thoroughly missed it, as I only joined last month.

Restrospective happy birthday anyway. It’s a grand site.