Help adding Fuji lens to darktable Win 10

My Fujifilm XF16-80 lens is not recognized by darktable and I don’t see the lens listed in the lensfun database. However, I have found a pull request for the lens here: Add Fujifilm XF16-80 f/4 R OIS WR from #1059 by rrenomeron · Pull Request #1071 · lensfun/lensfun · GitHub

I have also found “mil-fujifilm.xml” under darktable\share\lensfun and I’m wondering if I can edit this xml file to manually add the lens while waiting for the lensfun database to be updated. Is it possible and does anyone have any tips for doing it? Thanks!

You can edit the XML file, but it’ll be overwritten by the next update you install.

You can have a user location for lensfun, according to tbr docs, at %USERSPROFILE%/AppData/Local/lensfun/updates/version_x, where x denotes the database format version.

Once the lens gets included in lensfun, you can use @ggbutcher’s tool to update it: Release dbupdate 0.1 · butcherg/lensfun_dbupdate · GitHub

Thanks @paperdigits! I will give it a go and see what happens. I guess if the next update includes the lens in the lensfun database then it shouldn’t matter if my changes get overwritten.
But that pull request has been open since January, so not sure how frequently it gets updated at the moment.