Help building DT


I’m trying to build DT but it’s never ending…

✔ ~/dev/projects/darktable [master|✔] 
12:19 $ scbi  --deps --update c-darktable
2023/08/25 12:19:35 : module libavif-devel version v0.10.1 matching
2023/08/25 12:19:35 : module libavif-devel found
2023/08/25 12:19:35 : module cmake version v3.18.4 matching
2023/08/25 12:19:35 : module c-darktable=c-libavif using native variant
2023/08/25 12:19:35 : module c-libavif using native variant
2023/08/25 12:19:35 : module c-cmake using native variant
2023/08/25 12:19:35 : module exiv2-devel version v0.27.5 matching
2023/08/25 12:19:35 : module c-exiv2 using native variant

2023/08/25 12:19:36 : Building c-cmake [native] (v3.18.4)
2023/08/25 12:19:36 : native x86_64-redhat-linux
2023/08/25 12:19:36 : steps : setup config build install wrapup
2023/08/25 12:19:36 : no build needed, versions match
2023/08/25 12:19:36 : skip global install
2023/08/25 12:19:36 : End Building c-cmake [native] (v3.18.4)

I’ve mix the fedora wiki + scbi

Hi @David_Berlioz,

I am not using fedora, but what happens if you
follow the fedora instructions here: GitHub - darktable-org/darktable: darktable is an open source photography workflow application and raw developer?

Pardon my ignorance, but what does scbi do?
Aha: evidently an acronym for setup config build install.

But it says “no build needed, versions match”, which I presume
means that the “setup” has been built. Perhaps you ought
to invoke that “config build”?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

It also says “skip global install”. That “global install” means the process needs root permission at one stage.
So either there’s a command line option to allow for that (and then it ask for the root password) or you’ll have to run the scbi through sudo (which of course also asks for the root password).

Alternatively, you can probably specify a local install path.

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