Help Donating to digiKam

While this question is not actually about the software, perhaps someone can help me with a PayPal question as it benefits the project. I cannot figure out how to donate dollars to digiKam with PayPal. When you go to the digiKam Donate page all the amounts are in Euros and they open a PayPal page in Euros too. I have looked on PayPal help and Googled and I can’t figure out how to donate in dollars. I already have a PayPal account and I do not want to create a Flattr account.

PayPal will convert dollars to euros.

I have donated in Euros. PayPal converted it to Canadian dollars for me in the end. I remember that because 40 euros was like 100 canadian which I thought was a rip off. Lol

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So I select lets say 50 euros and somewhere along the line it converts for me? I was going to donate 50 dollars, but I see the rate of exchange is it about 55 dollars which I can live with. I also wonder about fees for the currency exchange. This involves money, so it makes me cautious as heck.
BTW: Thank you for answering my other question yesterday.