Help editing with uniform colors

I am editing some photographs taken some time ago that had some contrast problems and I followed @s7habo excellent videos to use the tone equalizer module as well as the color harmonies series and I am very pleased with the overall result because I was able to recover a lot of details.

I am very pleased with the editing of each individual image however when I “stand back” and look at the photos as a whole I realize that - no matter how much care I put into trying to use as uniform an edit as possible - the images have very different colors.

I am attaching a screenshot of this set of images so you can see what I mean: the images were taken in the Riyadh desert at different times of the day and obviously the exposure is different in each individual shot but I would like to at least try to give the desert sand the same color. The closest color I remember is yellow-ochre as seen in some of the pictures, while in others you can see my attempt to veer toward a reddish color. Same problem with the sky which is sometimes full blue, other times a duller blue.

If I try to veer from red to yellow, though, I have problems with the color and detail of the sky. The same is true if I try to do the opposite.

Beyond personal opinions on artistic/documentary editing of photography I would like to use this set of images to practice making the color editing homogeneous and I am wondering if you have any suggestions/methods/workflow on how to proceed to succeed.

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So the sand is front and center… try the color mapping feature in CC module… Sample from a key image that has the sand color the way you like and then you can apply that to subsequent images to see if you like the result… maybe do it to a few duplicates or backup your edits so you can revert them… disabling the added CC should do it but just to be extra safe… I have not seen too many people use it or make videos but I think Aurelien did a couple…

Here is one…

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As Todd said the color matching feature is made for this. It can be used to match desert sands, skin tone or any color across a series of images. It is a brilliant feature created by AP. This is going to be an easy fix for you.

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thank you @priort and @Terry didn’t know this feature! I tried very quickly and results are very good and encouraging.

Be careful, the setting is ‘sticky’: it survives module resets and application restarts. If you don’t set it to neutral grey manually, it will skew the colours in future edits.


thanks @kofa for the heads up! I’ll keep in mind.