[help] Fix Creation Time RAW and JPG


I have photos from an event where the photographer took the images using 2 cameras. In one of them the date wasn’t correctly configurated.

Using imagemagick identify, I can listing the photos with the wrong datetime.

Which software can I use for modify exif data from a bash script?



This, dcraw, gmic, and dcamprof are my goto command line programs for image work.

There is also exiv2, which does many of the same things as exiftool.

exiftool documentation with examples: https://sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/exiftool_pod.html.

I use something like
exiftool -AllDates-=‘Y:m:d H:M:S’ dir to shift backward or += to shift forward all images in dir

If you are on Windows, exiftoolgui makes this task intuitive.

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