Help for newbie: Win 10 - RT has stopped working. A problem caused

I installed RT 4.2.1 for Windows Vista/7/8/10 64-bit (Branch: default), 2014-10-25 05:51 ( most recent stable )

Failed to start from installer and failed to start from menu.

I get a windows message rawtherapee has stopped working.
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

I am using Avast antivirus (paid version) I disconnected avast for 10 mins for the install.

Appreciation for help in advance

Try the latest, RawTherapee_WinVista_64_Gtk3_Release_4.2.849

Thank you I had previous advice to do that today. I have installed and am up and running. Thank you for your message………………

Regards Edward

Thank you DenB. Installed and up and running.

I am new… When I go to the RT Downloads page, the latest version that I see for Windows 10 64bit is 4.2.1408. I don’t see a release for RawTherapee_WinVista_64_Gtk3_Release_4.2.849. All of my attempts to use RT have resulted in the “RT.exe has stopped working” message followed by app shutdown. Should I be searching somewhere else than on the Downloads page?

I guess you didn’t notice that my post was 9 months old!!! There have been many updates since then.

Thanks for responding! I made a mistake when reading the last digits of the release. That said, I too have a Win10 machine and the RT app closes soon after opening with the subject message displayed. I have tried all of the “fixes” for a crash, with no success.

Just saw the post from elGordo about where to find the latest versions. Thanks. I downloaded 4.2.1464, but had the same unfortunate results.

The problem may be related to my trying to open RAW files from a camera that is not supported (MAPIR). I have seen the same problem with commercial apps. If that’s the situation, then I’ll stop trying to use RT.

Can you share some sample files with us? You can probably just upload it directly here.

I would be happy to upload a file, however the file type is “not authorized” for upload, even though Win10 regards it as a RAW file.

Link to the camera.

I also have .arw files from a Sony camera that could be uploaded, however my problem is the RT app does not stay open long enough to do anything with directory selection, etc…

Attaching a screenshot.

Hmm. What is the file extension? I may just have to add it to the allowed list. In the meantime you can upload one to something like

You can also go through these instructions:

Lenovo P7 laptop
Win10 Home
i7-6700HQ CPU
64 bit

If I can believe Windows Explorer, the file extension is ‘RAW’.

I have already done the steps in ‘How-to-fix_crashes_on-startup’. Thanks for your help. This is looking like more of a problem that I anticipated. I will contact the camera manufacturer for assistance finding a RAW editor.

Ok. If you get us some samples we might be able to help get support going for you. :slight_smile:

I updated How to fix crashes on startup - RawPedia

@johngithens please follow those instructions again and clearly describe at which step RawTherapee crashes. Does it even crash when you follow step #1?